2014-10-03: Release 6.1.1

  • Removed old Maven based generator (use IntelliJ Idea based plugin instead)
  • updated dependencies
  • Prepared for Java 8

2014-09-11: Release 6.1.0

  • Major changes: Added support for Neo4J!
  • Last version that supports Maven base generators - users should switch to IntelliJ Idea based plugin.

2014-03-11: Release 6.0.0

  • Stax-Mate: Added support for primitive serializers
  • Major changes: First version of IntelliJ Idea based generator

2013-07-18: Release 5.0.0

  • Major changes: Generator as IntelliJ Idea plugin
  • Upgraded Jackson to 2.0 (package changes)
  • JSON: No longer dependent on order
  • JSON: Improved verification
  • JSON: Added serializers for primitives

2013-03-29: Released 4.1.5

  • Downgraded language level to "1.6"
  • Cleaned up package structure for generator
  • Updated dependencies

2013-03-15: Released 4.1.4

  • Fixed encoding issues for JSON based serializers
  • Updated dependencies

2013-02-11: Released 4.1.3

  • Fixed MANIFEST.MF: No longer exporting "internal" packages
  • Upgraded FEST-Assert dependencies
  • Updated dependencies

2012-08-15: Released 4.1.2

  • Collection Serializer added
  • StaxMate output: Added indentation
  • Inlined HashSerializer added
  • Updated dependency to Codegen
  • Serveral updates to external dependencies

2012-02-25: Released 4.1.1

  • Improved Exception messages: Added location

2012-01-25: Released 4.1.0

  • Removing JDOM dependencies
  • Improved Namespace handling

2012-01-17: Released 4.0.7

  • Updated (commons) version
  • Additional callbacks added
  • IgnoringSerializer improved

2011-12-31: Released 4.0.6

  • Updated (commons) version

2011-12-08: Released 4.0.5

  • Updated versions of dependencies

2011-11-30: Released 4.0.4

  • Updated commons version

2011-11-23: Released 4.0.3

  • Added DateTimeZone serializer

2011-09-26: Released 4.0.2

  • Updated versions of dependencies
  • Added URL serializer

2011-09-03: Released 4.0.1

  • Jackson: Added Enum support
  • Updated versions of dependencies

2011-07-09: Released 4.0.0

  • Updated Package structure - therefore the major version number has changed
  • Added basic support for OSGi
  • replaced commons-lang with Guava

2011-05-14: Released 3.0.1

Version 3.0.1 has been released. This version contains the following changes:

  • Jackson: Introduced wrapper for improved API (JacksonParserWrapper)
  • Generator: Fixed verify methods
  • Generator: Using JacksonParserWrapper
  • Internal: Updated Annotations (switched to javax.annotation.Nonnull)

2011-12-03: Released 3.0.0

Version 3.0.0 has been released. Several dependencies have been updated to their latest versions. Therefore the new major version number.

2010-08-09: Released 2.0.0

A new major version has been released. This version is a major step forward.

Serializer (and test) Generator

The major feature for this release is the availability of a generator that generates serializers and test stubs for domain objects.

There also exist a Maven plugin that offers additional features.

That Generator avoids unnecessary manual work when the serializers are created initially. It is no longer necessary to type any code when creating serializers. Everything is created automatically.

But of course the source code can be viewed and edited. So this approach offers maximum flexibility and

New abstract tests

New abstract test classes have been created. Those are based on JUnit and make use of @DataPoint(s). Those tests allow the creation of shorter and nicer tests.

The old basic test classes can still be used. So there is no need to convert old tests. But it is strongly recommended to use the new testing infrastructure for new tests.

The relevant base classes are:

For XML based serializers:

Incompatible API changes

Added formatVersion to PluggableSerializer#serialize

A parameter has been added to the serialize method of PluggableSerializer. The added formatVersion (of type Version) represents the version that shall be written.

It is recommended that every serializer only writes one format version (the most recent one). Details are discussed within the documentation.

But for those special cases, where it is really necessary to write different format versions, this parameter allows this behaviour.

2010-07-09: Released 1.0.3

A new version has been released. The most important new feature is the availability of the Generator. This is a huge time saver! So give it a try. It is strongly suggested to use the Generator Maven Plugin

Any feedback (especially concerning the generator) is welcome:

2010-06-02: Released 1.0.2

Version 1.0.2 has been released.

It just contains minor bug fixes and slightly improved samples. Especially the exceptions thrown on validation (by DelegatesMappings) have much better error messages now.