All files are released under the GPLv3 with Classpath Exception.

This is the same Classpath Exception as Sun/Oracle has chosen for their JDK.

But the GPL is viral!?

No, not with the Classpath Exception.

This exception allows you to use the project within your projects without becoming forced to release everything under the same license.

Just if you modify the sources you have to publish those changes under the GPL. Please send your patches/ideas/comments to, so that they can be applied to the main version.

Usage in commercial products

cedarsoft Serialization may be used in commercial projects as long as the classes itself are not modified. The license contains the same Classpath Exception as Sun uses for the JDK.

If necessary nontheless, commercial licenses are available. Send your request to

Any questions/comments?

This library has been written to be used. So if you run into any problems related to the license, please drop a message. Those problems will be sorted out!