Generation of serializers and test

The first step is the generation process. The generation of the serializers and unit tests is triggered by calling

mvn serializer-generator:generate -Ddialect=JACKSON -Ddomain.class.pattern=src/main/java/com/cedarsoft/

It is necessary to add the relative path pattern to the domain class(es).



Creates Serializers and Tests for


Creates Serializers and Tests for all java files within src/main/java


At the moment there are two generators available:

  • JACKSON: Using Jackson to (de)serialize JSON * STAX_MATE: Using Stax-Mate to (de)serialize XML

Target dir

All files are generated within target/generated-sources. Therefore no sources files are overwritten by executing this goal.

Next steps

The created sources can now be reviewed and added to the source tree. This can either be done manually or by using the diff and commit goals of this plugin.