Comparing to XStream

XStream is a very mature library and one of the big player in the world of automated serialization.

The biggest strength of XStream is that you get your first results with very little effort.


  • XStream is very easy to use
  • Get your first results very, very fast
  • Mature library that handles many cases very well (collections, references)
  • Quite flexible. Allows the addition of aliases to provide some backwards compatibility
  • Extensible: You can create own converters (for special cases or performance improvements)


  • Unstable. It is possible to refactor your objects and reflect those changes using aliases. But just very basic changes are supported (like renames).
  • Missing version information. It is not possible to decide whether the serialized object can be deserialized without simply trying it. Danger! Strange side effects may happen.
  • Flexibility needs work: It is possible to reflect minor changes using aliases. But sooner or later you will have to implement your own converter from scratch.
  • Performance: Quite good but probably not necessary for high performance projects


Long term storage using XStream contains risks. Small refactoring can be done easily, but bigger refactorings need a lot of work. Many times you will have to write a custom converter later.

While it is probably possible to convert old serialized objects, it needs some work. And often a bit of "magic" to detect (or better: guess) the format version.