Comparing to Simple XML Serialization

Simple XML Serialization is a serialization library that uses annotations for serialization.

The main benefit is that your business code and serialization related informations are kept at the same place while you get your first results quite fast.


  • Easy to use
  • Get your first results quite fast. While you have to add
  • Mature library that handles many cases very well (collections, references)
  • Quite flexible. Allows the addition of aliases to provide some backwards compatibility
  • Extensible: You can create own converters (for special cases or performance improvements)


  • Annotations have to be added to all business classes. When using final fields and constructors to set them, you will have to add a lot of annotations with parameters.
  • Unstable. Every change to your business object will break the deserialization of old objects.
  • Missing version information. It is not possible to decide whether the serialized object can be deserialized without simply trying it. Danger! Strange side effects and late error messages may happen.
  • Inflexibility: It is not possible to convert old serialized objects.
  • Performance: Quite good but not necessary for high performance projects


Long term storage using Simple XML Serialization is not recommended. Every change might brake your compatibility. You definitely will run into problems if it is used as long/mid term storage.

Because of the lack of a simple method to recover/convert old serialized objects, you will run into serious trouble with a very high probability of data loss or very high costs for conversion.